STATEWIDE – Many tourists and Florida residents love to parasail behind boats in the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes many questions arise regarding the safety of parasailing. Parasailing can be safe and fun in good weather conditions, utilizing the right equipment operated by an experienced crew. Some ask, “how many accidents have there been?” The PSC estimates that from 1990 thru 2003 (in the USA) there were over 324 accidents, 68 of which resulted in serious bodily injury and 11 deaths in the USA and its territories. (These statistics are based USCG reports state / local law enforcement, local reporting agencies, individual accident reports, eye witnesses’ accounts from parasail operators and other sources deemed reliable).
Some also ask, “what are the know risks and inherent dangers of parasailing?” The most common accidents occurred during tow line separation from the boat, equipment failure, high speed water and deck landings, canopy rotation, line popping and whiplash.
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