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Low Speed CAR CRASH Ι LOW SPEED vehicle collision Ι Minor vehicle Damage • Personal injuries Ι Rearend collision Ι NECK INJURY Ι Tampa Ι Clearwater

According to “insurance experts,” LOW SPEED IMPACTS are generally considered to be any collision that takes place at speeds under ten (10) mph. Some insurance companies have set up special claims units to handle LOW SPEED IMPACT accidents and have even termed them at “MIST claims.” The acronym M.I.S.T. stands for Minor Impact Soft Tissue….

Whiplash? Neck injury from car accident or slip and fall often serious. Seek help from a doctor and lawyer

According to PUBMED.GOV – A traumatic cervical facet dislocation is potentially devastating injury. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an excellent means of assessing ligamentous disruption, disk herniation, and compression of the neural elements. However, despite an improved understanding of these facet dislocations with imaging, treatment remains controversial. It is essential that people injured in traumatic…