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$257 MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT | Johnson and Johnson | Risperdal

NATIONAL – Johnson and Johnson lost a $257.7 million jury verdict for making misleading claims about the safety of the company’s Risperdal antipsychotic drug.  In addition, Johnson and Johnson officials defrauded Medicaid by wrongfully touting Risperdal as superior to competing antipsychotic drugs and minimizing its links to diabetes, said jurors. Tripp Law Firm – Personal Injury Law Relevant Practice Areas


A jury recently awarded $15 million in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Enterprise Rent-A-Car by the parents of two sisters who died in a crash involving one of the company’s cars. The parents say, Enterprise never completed repair work on the PT Cruiser that was rented from a Enterprise Rent-A-Car office. A recall notice from the manufacturer warned the “power…

Jury awards 21 MILLION DOLLARS in damages in a Wrongful Death case

The jury found the defendant grossly negligent for texting while driving and causing a fatal crash. The unanimous verdict is one of the largest to be obtained in a texting-while-driving case.  The subpoenaed the phone records discovered that the defendant had made seven (7) phone calls and sent fifteen (15) text messages during the 45…

$10 Million Dollar Jury Verdict in Florida ♦ Baby left with Cerebral Palsy ♦ Lack of Oxygen to brain

VOLUSIA COUNTY – A jury has awarded $10 million dollars to a woman who sued an ambulance transport service over injuries her son received during his premature birth. This is in addition to the lawsuit that was settled against the hospitals and doctors last year for $1.4 million dollars. This complex case was given to…

MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT – Florida Jury – $300 Million in Damages for Ex-Smoker

BROWARD COUNTY – A Broward County jury recently ordered cigarette maker Philip Morris USA to pay $300 million in damages to a 61-year-old ex-smoker who is wheelchair-bound due to emphysema. The Broward Circuit Court jury assessed $56.6 million in past and future medical expenses against the company as well as $244 million in punitive damages….