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Judge approves $39 MILLION SETTLEMENT between Wachovia and brokers – FAILURE TO PAY OVERTIME AND WAGES

The National Law Journal (5/13, Bronstad) reported, “A federal judge in Los Angeles has approved a $39 million preliminary settlement to resolve the multidistrict litigation between Wachovia Corp. and more than 10,000 stock brokers who alleged that they were denied overtime pay and other wages.”

RECOVERING FROM A PERSONAL INJURY? Concerned about medical bills and lost wages? Is the insurance company delaying, denying or defending?

You have a right to recover compensation for your injuries. An auto accident or other serious injury can involve complex legal issues, insurance companies, significant costs and can lead to extended litigation. Whether you are concerned about recovering medical expenses and lost wages, or you are worried about preserving your claims, you need immediate and…

Insurers “put on notice” over raising premiums, denying claims unfairly.

Bloomberg News (4/9, Frye) reported, “U.S. property and casualty insurers posted the biggest sales decline in half a century last year as corporations and individuals scaled back purchases, an industry group said today.” Now, “investment losses and slim profits have prompted carriers around the world to demand higher rates on some lines of business coverage,…