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LOCAL ACCIDENT ATTORNEY | Child Restraints | Prevent Injuries | Tougher booster seat laws still needed in Florida

NATIONAL – The National Transportation Safety Administration (NTSB) has issued a press release calling for 21 states, including Florida, to toughen their child restraint laws.  The NTSB said child passenger safety laws in 21 states and two U.S. territories do not meet their safety recommendations.  The press release said Florida has the most lenient child…

BOOSTER SEATS – Good Fit – Seatbelts save lives – Prevent injuries in a crash

BOOSTER SEAT SAFETY VIDEO – Click link below to view 11 out of 60 BOOSTER seats evaluated aren’t recommended NEW BOOSTER RATINGS WHICH BOOSTER IS BEST FOR ME? TRIPP LAW FIRM – Personal Injury Law SOURCE – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety