Blood Clot Medical Malpractice Leads to Teenage Leg Amputation

Blood Clot Amputation Malpractice Attorney

NATIONAL—Recently, there was a blood clot amputation case that resulted in a $24,900,000.00 jury award to the Plaintiff. The case involved an incident where doctors failed to provide timely treatment of a blood clot in the Plaintiff’s leg. Therefore, they forced her to undergo an amputation below the knee at age 18. The jury award consisted of $20,700,000.00 in noneconomic damages (i.e., pain and suffering) and $4,200,000.00 in economic damages (i.e., medical bills and other related expenses).


What began as an asthma attack escalated after testing revealed a blood clot in the Plaintiff’s left leg. Regrettably, the vascular surgeon on-call at the time scheduled the Plaintiff for a follow-up three (3) days later and sent her home. Nevertheless, this decision was made by the surgeon over the phone and without seeing the Plaintiff in person.

Plaintiff's Argument

The attorneys for the Plaintiff indicated that she required immediate care in order to avoid further injury. “She needed to be admitted, and it was not safe to release her,” they said. Unfortunately, the Plaintiff’s condition continued to deteriorate over the next few days. Eventually the doctors needed to amputate her left leg, just below her knee.

Defense and Result

During the five week-long trial, the defense attempted to minimize the vascular surgeon’s involvement in the case, claiming that there was no doctor-patient relationship since the surgeon only consulted the Plaintiff over the phone. However, the Plaintiff was previously very active and athletic person. Therefore, the Plaintiff’s testimony shed light on what it’s like to be a 25-year-old amputee. So consequently, the jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her $24,900,000.00 in damages.

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