ALLIGATOR ALLEY – I-75 CRASH – Accidents due to smoke / low visibility cause serious injuries

Recently, the Florida Highway Patrol officially cited low visibility and smoke from the Big Cypress wildfire as the cause behind four separate accidents at I-75’s mile marker 79.

The accidents, which involved 12 vehicles and a boat, totaled $42,000 in damages and occurred over a 30-minute span when visibility was at its worst on Alligator Alley. According to Florida Highway reports, no charges were filed for three of the accidents. However, reports said there were charges pending on the fourth accident in which a pedestrian was seriously injured.

The Florida Highway Patrol has since closed this stretch every morning to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Florida Injury Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr. of the TRIPP LAW FIRM reminds you to drive safe as you travel accross ALLIGATOR ALLEY, especially in low visibility areas caused by smoke.

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