Many people who have been involved in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, had a fall, or suffered from personal injury are often left with scar tissue which forms as skin heals after an injury. The amount of scarring may be determined by the size, depth, and location of the wound; the age of the person; heredity; and skin characteristics including color (pigmentation).

Some surgical procedures are performed to revise scars while the patient is awake (local anesthesia), sleeping (sedated), or deep asleep and pain-free (general anesthesia). There are many prescription medications (topical corticosteroids, anesthetic ointments, and antihistamine creams) can reduce the symptoms of itching and tenderness.

Many times massive injuries (such as burns) can cause loss of a large area of skin and may form hypertrophic scars. A hypertrophic scar can cause restricted movement of muscles, joints, and tendons (contracture). Surgical repair includes removing excessive scar tissue and a series of small incisions on both sides of the scar site, which create V-shaped skin flaps (Z-plasty) may be used. The result is a thin, less noticeable scar because the wound closure following a Z-plasty more closely follows the natural skin folds. Sometimes skin grafting is required and involves taking a thin (split thickness) layer of skin from another part of the body and placing it over the injured area. Skin flap surgery involves moving an entire, full thickness of skin, fat, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle from a healthy part of the body to the injured site. These techniques are used when a considerable amount of skin has been lost in the original injury, when a thin scar will not heal, and when improved function (rather than aesthetic reasons) are the primary concern.

Additional procedures may be necessary to achieve appropriate aesthetic results. No scar can be removed completely. The degree of improvement will depend on variables such as the direction and size of the scar, the age of the person, skin type and color, and hereditary factors that may precondition the extent of the healing process.

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