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Golf Cart Injuries in Florida

Florida is home to some of the largest retirement communities in the world. Many of these communities have adopted and embraced golf carts Golf Cart Injuries in Florida as a primary source of daily transportation. Furthermore, some municipalities are touting themselves as being “golf cart friendly” and allowing for golf carts to be used on roads where they were not originally intended to be used. Oftentimes, regular road-going vehicles are intermingled with these golf carts which are generally not built or intended for road usage or standard automobile visibility. This can create situations where automobile drivers cannot easily see and/or identify golf carts or their drivers. Because golf carts are much smaller than regular vehicles, it is often hard for drivers of automobiles to quickly recognize them. When accidents occur or when the operation of the cart itself is done in a negligent manner, the injurious results can be catastrophic resulting in roll overs and ejections from the cart resulting in fractures, head injuries, paralysis from spinal injuries or even death.

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