Palm Bay Daycare Doesn’t Care For Child’s Injury

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PALM BAY, FL – The Doorway to Learning Enrichment Center faces investigation and outrage after multiple families have left with their child sustaining injuries. One of the most outspoken parents is Alesha Montanez, mother of Ahnyla. Shortly after Ahnyla’s 1st birthday, the daycare called Mrs. Montanez, letting her know that Ahnyla had gotten scratched. The daycare reassured her the she was doing fine and napping.

Unfortunately, Ahnyla’s condition was worsening, so the daycare called again to tell Mrs. Montanez that her face was swelling. Mr. Montanez came and picked up his child to find a shocking discovery.

“As soon as I see her face, I was like that is not a scratch,” said Montanez. “To me, it looked like she was dropped whether she was dropped on concrete or rug, but she was definitely dropped. There’s no way a child could scratch a face that much unless she was completely unsupervised.”

After this discovery, the husband called Mrs. Montanez; she left work and drove to the daycare to take a look herself. They then called Palm Bay Police, where they took over the investigation. Two other reports were made after the Montanez’s came forward.

Apparently, the daycare’s cameras were not working that day. Safe to say that the Department of Children and Family Services began investigating to daycare as well.

This is not the first time The Doorway to Learning Enrichment Center has been investigated by the DCG in the last several years. The previous reports revealed staff members with unfinished training and out-of-date child abuse and neglect forms.

Understandably so, the Montanez family was angry with the daycare as they were hired to care for their daughter. The Covid protocols did not allow parents from walking in the daycare so she was not able to see her daughter’s daycare environment since joining last April.

Outside Opinions

The Doorway to Learning Enrichment Center is a daycare has been around for 26 years and yet many reviews across the internet support the Montanez’s complaints:

-“I wouldn’t send my child here for free. Steer clear of this establishment if you care and love about your child. This is an abusive daycare.”

-“STEER CLEAR!!!!! Do not take your children there. THIS is what they call a scratch that was supposedly from another child. A scratch….. As in singular, one…..”

-“If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. The owner, Cindy, is extremely rude and disrespectful to everyone. I left there a while ago due to how horrible she is.”

Parents Rights

Parents have the right to know what is going on with their children at daycare. When issues arise, daycares have the duty to help resolve the issues and let the parents know what is happening. The Montanez are justified in their feelings.

“I look at [Ahnyla] and I just, I can only imagine how she was feeling when it happened and that fact that I wasn’t there and I couldn’t protect her, it breaks my heart,” said Montanez. “It really saddens that I wasn’t there and the fact that I put so much trust into people I thought that was taking care of my children actually weren’t or weren’t paying attention, one or the other.”

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