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Toyota agrees to $32 million in civil penalties • NHSTA •

NATIONAL – Toyota Motor Corp. has agreed to pay an additional $32.425 million in civil penalties as the result of two separate federal investigations into the automaker’s handling of auto recalls.. Toyota will pay the maximum fines allowable under the law – $16.375 million in one case and $16.050 million in the other – in… View Article


Toys today are often cutting-edge wonders, loaded with gadgets and gizmos. But as toys become more sophisticated, they often pose new dangers for children that safety experts urge parents and gift-givers to consider.  Dangers include “tiny magnets, powerful batteries, and laser lights.” Rachel Weintraub, director of product safety for the Consumer Federation of America, said,… View Article

PRODUCT RECALL | Cochlear implant device recalled due to malfunctions

NATIONAL – According to MedPage Today, “Makers of a cochlear implant device have issued a voluntary recall of the device due to malfunctions that may cause severe pain and shocking sensations within a few days of activation.” According to the manufacturer, “Advanced Bionics, the HiRes 90K cochlear implant had to be removed from two patients… View Article

HEAD INJURY | USF Health Clinic Opens Their New Concussion Center in Tampa

TAMPA – The Concussion Center at the University of South Florida, the first of its kind in the greater Tampa Bay area, has established an integrated, multidisciplinary system of care that is specifically designed to offer medical care, including diagnostic, rehabilitative and referral services for patients with acute concussions or lingering post-concussive syndrome.

LARGO MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEY | (727) 398-2900 | 24 / 7 FREE Consultation

STATEWIDE – Lawmakers may be pushing to make motorcycle helmet use mandatory in Florida.  The NTSB calls this a public health issue as their figures show that approximately 4,400 people die in the United States each year due to blunt head trauma. Last year in Florida was one of the safest on record.  There were 373 motorcycle-related… View Article

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE | (888) 392-LAWS (5297) | Hospital

In a recent article in USA Today, “If a 747 jetliner crashed every day, killing all 500 people aboard, there would be a national uproar over aviation safety and an all-out mobilization to fix the problem.” However, “in the nation’s hospitals…about the same number of people die on average every day from medical ‘adverse events,’… View Article

Florida court absolves some builders of Chinese drywall liability

According to The Wall Street Journal (11/12, Wotapka, Whelan) reports that a circuit court judge in Palm Beach County, Florida, has relieved some homebuilders of liability for installing tainted Chinese drywall, which is blamed for torpedoing home values and damaging residents’ health. The ruling is expected to serve as a precedent in other jurisdictions, and… View Article

J and J in talks with government to resolve Risperdal marketing investigation

According to the Dow Jones Newswires (11/10, Loftus) reported that Johnson & Johnson disclosed Wednesday that it is in talks with the government to settle an investigation into whether the company improperly marketed the antipsychotic Risperdal.

HIP FRACTURE | Slip and Fall | 888-392-LAWS (5297) Free Confidential Case Evaluation

A recent study finds a certain type of hip replacement surgery may place patients at a higher risk of complications. The study, which looked at anterior total hip arthroplasty on a fracture table, was authored by Dr. Jewett and Dr. Collis of the Slocum Orthopedic Center. The anterior approach for total hip replacement is a surgical approach to the… View Article

DUNEDIN GOLF CART ACCIDENT | Serious and fatal injuries can occur | City approved golf carts for street use

DUNEDIN – The city of Dunedin unanimously approved allowing golf carts on city roads at a City Hall meeting.  According to BayNews 9, a city ordinance allowed people to drive golf carts within a one mile radius of the Dunedin Golf Club. Now leaders are expanding the ordinance to allow the golf carts throughout Dunedin. SAFETY IS A… View Article